Friendship Fun

Year 6 chose Olly E and William; as Tyler P who is new to our school was feeling anxious and worried and they were a really good friend to him. 

Dexter was chosen in Year 2 as he has bee a really good friend to others in the morning.

In Year 4 Esme has been a good friend to others. 


Amazing Friends!! 

In Year 1, they chose Olly W because when his friend Oliver was alone, he came and read him a story which made him happy. Well done Olly!

In Year 3, they chose Ruby because she helped Martha to buckle her shoe after P.E. so she wasn’t late for break. Well done Ruby! 

In Year 5, they chose Bobbie because she is good at making friends as she listens to people and their opinions she is also very kind.Well done Bobbie! 


First week of Friendship

In Year 2 they chose Jack because he played with Rohan when he was lonely.

 In Year 4 they chose Sasha and Jack because they go and help others when they are sad or alone.

 In Year 4 they chose Hughie because he lets others play with him when they are lonely in the playground and is very kind to them.

In Year 6 they chose Ollie A because he helped a younger child by offering to cut their food for them and he also was kind to others.

 Well done everyone!!

This week’s Justice Champions

On Friday 24th June, Madison and Caitlin were chosen as our justice champions. 

Madison in Year Two, was chosen because she is very fair and lets people join in her games.

In Year 4, Caitlin was selected for being kind-hearted and fair. She treats people the same, it doesn’t matter who they are.