The Power Of Perseverance!

Jasmine, who’s in year one, got chosen for perseverance because on Wednesday she finished her maths and Mr Butcher set her a really hard extension task, but she persevered and finished even though Mr Butcher said it was too hard!

Bailey and Archie got chosen, in year three, because they persevered when practising for their assembly. 

They chose Tyler, in year five, for persevering with his behaviour; he has also tried very hard to keep within his boundaries. 

Well done everyone for all the hard work and for persevering!!!

Perseverance pals

In year two we chose Poppy because she has persevered when writing her ‘A’. Well done Poppy !

In year four we chose Sasha. This week she has struggled on her division but she has persevered and now is confident. Well done Sasha! 

Mia S was chosen in year six. She is one of the quieter members in her class but this week it was her class assembly and she has persevered and has been a super star in her assembly. Well done Mia! 

 Well done everyone!


St Michael’s Harvest HITS Home!

On Friday the 14th October, the children of St. Michael’s Primary School and Kingsteignton School went to St Michael’s Church in Kingsteignton to celebrate Harvest.

As part of this celebration the children and their families had brought to school donations of food and toiletries. These donations were  to give to the HITS food-bank, a voluntary organisation that supports homeless people and people in crisis in the Teignbridge area.


Some examples of the donations were taken to the Harvest Service and used to symbolise the rest of the bounty back at school. This was all blessed by Father Mark and then the children and staff thanked God for their harvests this year, whether it was food or good friendships or something else!.

On return from the church, the Eco-councilors helped the HITS volunteers load everything into their van.


The food-bank has since written to thank us all  and say that 176.74 kg of food donations were made, and will all go to  help people in need in the wider the community of Teignbridge.

Thank you everybody for your help!

Friendship Champions 07.10.16

Year 2 chose Lily Mae because she offered to do up Jacks shoe lace.

Year 4 Cody was chosen because he is a really good friend to Lex and puts Lex before himself. 

Emily in year 6 was voted for as she is a good friend to others and notices when people are sad. 
Well done Value Champions


Different Friends!

In Year 5, they chose Natasha because she is always there to make you laugh,she also helps others and is willing to play with different people.Well done Natasha!  

In Year 3, they chose Lily because she is new to the school but for the length of time she has been here she has been kind and has been a good friend to others. Well done Lily!  

In Year 1, they chose Millie because she shared a game with people she doesn’t normally play with. Well done Millie! 
Also in Year 1, they chose Callum because when he saw William upset he went and cheered him up. Well done Callum! 

Well done everyone, you are amazing friends!!

Amazing Friends!! 

In Year 1, they chose Olly W because when his friend Oliver was alone, he came and read him a story which made him happy. Well done Olly!

In Year 3, they chose Ruby because she helped Martha to buckle her shoe after P.E. so she wasn’t late for break. Well done Ruby! 

In Year 5, they chose Bobbie because she is good at making friends as she listens to people and their opinions she is also very kind.Well done Bobbie!