Justice champion in Year Two 

Jasmine was voted as Justice champion by Year Two this week as she always makes games fair and she includes everyone. Thank you and well done, Jasmine. 




Yesterday, was the first Sunday of Advent, as Christians wait for the time that marks the birth of Jesus Christ, Christmas Day.

The school will be closed for holidays by then, so the Nativity scene is displayed with all of the key figures from the Bible story, with some additions.

During the holidays you might like to go to St. Michael’s Church for the Crib Service, 24th Dec at 5:30 p.m., or Midnight Mass at 11:00 p.m. later that day.

Use the link below for details of other things that the Church offers.


Did you know that the donkey isn’t actually mentioned in the Bible? Although, Mary must have had some help getting to Bethlehem as she would have found walking for a day or so very difficult. Look at the map below.

Pregnant Mary and a Donkey - Monarch Women's Wellness ...

Did you know that during this time the land was part of the Roman Empire?

Caesar Augustus wanted a count of people there (a census), so they had to make this journey to the town where Joseph had been born.

The shortest route would have been through very hilly land and probably too difficult for Mary, so it’s likely that the couple had chosen a safer but longer route. This would have been about 100 miles and could have taken them a few days perhaps even more than a week. As there were no cars or air travel, historians believe that Mary and Joseph would have used a donkey to make the journey. If not, the we might have to be singing ‘O. Little Town of Nazareth’, and the children’s all time favourite ‘Little Donkey’ would never have been written!!