Worship Songs

In Year 4 (along with other years) we have been learning some new songs, these link to our values, and are a bit of an ear worm. We have enjoyed singing them at the end of the day. Thay are below to look at and maybe join in with too.


Some of the children were feeling a bit nervous before our sports days this week. We had a few practises to help calm their nerves but there were still some jitters completing activities in front of an audience of parents.

All children showed real courage by trying their best at joining in with a range of activities and even competing in some sprint races. Even the teachers were brave and faced the crowds to complete their own race! Well done everyone 😀


Year 2: Showing Courage!

This term our Christian Value is courage. After our KS1 assembly this week, we discussed the story of David and Goliath and what it means to be brave and courageous. We discussed examples of when we have been brave and shown courage, even if it’s just trying a new food option for lunch! We have given out lots of courage stickers this week.


In year One we have been thinking about how we can show compassion to one another. We created a collage to show hands reaching out to help one another and the world in the shape of a heart, to symbolise that we should care for people all over the world.


In year one we have been thinking of ways we can be compassionate towards each other, by showing kindness.

We add a heart to the kindness tree with our name and the act of kindness that we have shown to someone. We are being so kind to each other that our tree will be full in no time!

Kindness Trees

This week sees the start of Lent, as part of our Lent reflections this year, we have embarked on a challenge. This challenge involves us all trying to commit acts of kindness every day in Lent. Lent is normally the time that people give things up, when they remember all that Jesus sacrificed when he was in the desert for 40 days and 40 nights.

In a change to this we are taking up something.  Taking up kindness, and as we do these kind acts, we are writing them up and adding these to our kindness tress.  Each class has one and we hope that over the term they will be filled with beautiful hearts full of beautiful things. 

Our Christian value this term is Compassion, and our story of the term is the Good Samaritan, these links perfectly to our challenge, and over the coming term we will be making links between all of these, while also thinking about how doing kind things is good for our brains, releasing dopamine and making us feel better.  Doing good can do us good – how amazing.

Doing the right thing!

During story time Reception got thinking about some of our Christian Values as they listened to the story ‘I Want My Hat Back’ by Jon Klassen. We discussed how the Bear showed kindness to the turtle when he helped him climb the rock, we also talked about how the Rabbit was not showing freindship when he stole the Bears hat and finally we discussed how the Bear definately didn’t do the right thing by choosing to eat the Rabbit! We then had some thinking time and came up with better choices that the Bear and Rabbit could have made. This led us to thinking about the choices we can make in school and at home, and how we can choose to do the right thing even if someone else isn’t.

Year 5 – Justice and World Holocaust Day

Friday 27th January was World Holocaust Day. In Year 5, the Guided Reading lesson for this week was a recount of a childhood spent living in the era of Hitler’s Europe. ‘Paul’s Journey’ is the reconstruction of the journey of a young Jewish boy between 1933 and 1945. While the children to whom the story was read had an awareness of the existence of concentration camps, and that these were not unlike prisons, what they were surprised to learn was that Hitler treated Jews unjustly in many ways prior to their incarceration. The injustice of the special laws Hitler made to frighten Jews: they had to hand in their bicycles; they had to stay inside their houses after eight o’clock in the evening; they were not allowed to go swimming, or to the theatre, or travel on trams and buses, or keep a dog or a cat among many other restrictions; these made the children realise that injustice can be a precursor to prejudice, persecution and cruelty. Conversely, they were able to see how important a tenet is justice within a liberal society.
Mr Q.

‘Voor Juden verboden’ – ‘For Jews prohibited’

 KS2 Police Visit

Today the community police officers visited and did an assembly to our KS2 children. They talked about their role in the community, how they keep everyone safe and how to be safe online. The children then had the chance to ask any questions. Article 40: I have the right to get legal help and to be treated fairly if I have been accused of breaking the law. This also links to our Christian Value this half term of Justice

Resolution Foundation

What we build on can affect the strength of the structure. This is true for what we build on in our lives. This week we are thinking about how doing the right thing and making good choices can allow us to set firm foundations for all of life. This term as we think about our value of justice we are reminded that setting these foundations allows us to be a people that seek justice in all we do.

Jonah, initally chose not to do what God asked of him, as he thouight the price was too high. He knew that doing the right thing could be costly. This week we are exploring how if we start right continuing to do right can be easier, but how chosing to do what is right even when hard is what we should seek to do.