Christian Values Champion for year five.

Today year five nominated class members for the Christian value of Compassion. Lots of children were nominated from both classes and in a year group secret vote Alisha W was chosen as our values champion. Whenever someone is sad she can tell and she is always caring towards other. Well done to her and all the other children who were nominated today. 



Christian Values of the week. 

Alex and Enrica were chosen by their class mates because of their kind, caring ways and they are compassionate with their friends. We had a blind vote and it was a draw. Well done!  


Father Mark visit

Father Mark came to do an assembly for ks2 about our core value of justice. He asked volunteers to help him show injustice and then we heard a story about Jonah and the wale. He helped us to think about things we find hard to do and how we can help each other to do these things.

Open the book

A chance meeting over the collection of the Christmas donations for the HITTS food bank has meant that our Key Stage One children have had an extra treat! 

John Lockwood, who used to co-ordinate the food bank pic-ups had another gift up his sleeve, this time for us. 

On Monday 30th April he and his wonderful team of volunteers came to St Michaels school for a performance of one of the stories from the Bible. ( Actually not all the volunteers were from his team…. Well done Joe for playing King David!) 

The story is a great example of our school value this term, ‘Courage.’ 



We wish all of our children to dig deep and find their inner ‘King David’ when approaching their SATs testing and have courage to face the ‘Lions’ of those tricky questions! 

Good luck everyone! 

ICE Club (Christian Club)

A Christian Charitable trust has set up a lunch time club at St Michaels currently open to children in year 1 to experience at the moment. It runs on a fortnightly basis and has been a great success .   The children have enjoyed games, crafts and bible stories and are very keen to attend.