This week’s Justice Champions

On Friday 24th June, Madison and Caitlin were chosen as our justice champions. 

Madison in Year Two, was chosen because she is very fair and lets people join in her games.

In Year 4, Caitlin was selected for being kind-hearted and fair. She treats people the same, it doesn’t matter who they are.


Perseverance Champions for the 17th June

In Year One, everyone worked really hard in the Phonics Screening tests and so all of them are Perseverance Champions. Well done all of you!

In Year Three, Caeleb has shown amazing perseverance in swimming. That’s how to learn a new skill for life. Keep going Caeleb!
 imageIn Year Five, Tilda has shown amazing perseverance. Despite an operation on her hand, she wouldn’t let it hinder her. On the Year Five residential she joined in with all the activities even though her hand was painful and she had to wear a protective glove! Well done Tilda.

Value Champions for 10th June

This week, in Year Four, Megan has shown that she is an amazing friend. Phoebe was really upset and Megan took the time and trouble to stay behind, and really made her laugh.



This week the whole of Year Two stood up as Friendship Champions. This is because they have two new members of their Year Group, Jessica and Malikai. Everyone has been very friendly and welcoming! Great friendship Year Two!

Year Six were swimming this week.

Courage Champions of the Summer term -20th May.

 Rohan, in Year 1,was very brave because when he fell over he only cried a tiny, little bit. Well done, Rohan!

In year 3, when everyone had finished, Abigal was brave and kept going. Well done!  

When Mrs. G left, Sam had to have a lot of courage. This is because they had been working together since Year 2, and Sam is now near the end of Year 5! Be courageous Sam!