Bye bye Justice 

   In year 1 we chose Lola because her friends Erin and Ellie were arguing and she stopped them and told them to be friends. Well done Lola!

  In year 3 we chose Bailey Rivers because he always thinks of what is fair and shows justice. Well done Bailey!


In year 5 we chose Toby Gibbs,Tom Woulfe and Daniel Cornall because they worked well when making their catapult. well done Toby, Tom and Daniel!


Jazzy Justice 

In Year 2 we chose Chanel because she shows justice by always being fair at play times by including everyone in her games. Well done Chanel!

In Year 4 we chose Ed because he lets everyone join in his games and he always makes it fair. Well done Ed!
In Year 6 we chose Lilia because she is kind caring and has a great sense of humour.  Well done Lilia!

Justice Champions – 20/01

In year 1 we chose Mason because he did a good job at talking about British values. Well Done Mason!

In year 3 we chose Jack S because he has been showing justice, is always fair and considerate to everyone. Well Done Jack S!


In year 5 we chose Holly because her friend got their initials and she owned  up as well. Well Done Holly!

We also chose Natasha because she always lets you play with her and makes everything fair. Well Done Natasha!

Joining Justice

imageIn Year 2 we chose Oscar because Rohan had earned his iPad Time but Oscar was using the last iPad so he gave it to Rohan. Well done Oscar!

In Year 4 we chose Seth because he lets everyone join in with his games and makes sure the game is fair. Well done Seth!

In Year 6 we chose Tyler P because he is fair to everyone and sorts everything out fairly. Well done Tyler P!

Jingle Bell Justice!

Eva ,in Year One, was chosen because she showed Justice when her friend didn’t have a partner to walk to swimming with, so she asked if he wanted to join her. 

In Year Three they chose Martha, because she makes sure that everyone has a turn when playing a game and will listen to others. 

InYear Five they chose Lewis, because he is fair to everyone and is a good friend. 

Well done everyone!

Kelsey and I (Olivia) will no longer be doing the christian values, Belle and Mia will be taking over. We are sure they will do an amazing job!! 


Palace of Perseverance!!!

We didn’t post last week as we were trying to get a photo of Éva in Year Five, as she has showed brilliant perseverance when having her operation.She now comes and visits us every now and then. Well Done Éva!

  This week in Year Two, they chose Lillymay Cleave as she is always persevering in her learning and is a supportive member of her class. Well Done Lillymay!
 Holly was chosen in Year Four as she has persevered in her English, Maths and spellings  – well Done Holly!

 Year Six chose Sam S for Persevering, when things get tough he always carries on and keeps going.

 Well done everyone!  We hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday.  Merry Christmas!!!

The Power Of Perseverance!

Jasmine, who’s in year one, got chosen for perseverance because on Wednesday she finished her maths and Mr Butcher set her a really hard extension task, but she persevered and finished even though Mr Butcher said it was too hard!

Bailey and Archie got chosen, in year three, because they persevered when practising for their assembly. 

They chose Tyler, in year five, for persevering with his behaviour; he has also tried very hard to keep within his boundaries. 

Well done everyone for all the hard work and for persevering!!!