Perseverance Champion in Year Two

This week Year Two chose Will as their values champion. Will has shown amazing perseverance since coming back to school after being poorly. He has worked so hard to catch up with all that we have been learning. Well done, Will! 



Friendship champion

Olivia was chosen as the friendship champion for year 4 on 22nd September. She was chosen for being very welcoming to a visitor to our class during that week and helping her to settle in. Well done Olivia.



So let’s see who has been showing our Christian values this week…


Skye-blue Smith from year 4 for justice because she shares her things and because she makes games fair.


Isabel Mooney and Lily May – They showed lots of friendship with reception children helping them out in their new class.





Courage this half term

This week, Ella, Dan, Tia and Jack have all shown courage in various situations.

Dan was brave when he split his eye , Jack and Ella showed courage and determination during  assessment week.  Tia was stung by nettles when she was on her trip however she was really brave and tried to forget about it and just enjoy the trip.