So let’s see who has been showing our Christian values this week…


Skye-blue Smith from year 4 for justice because she shares her things and because she makes games fair.


Isabel Mooney and Lily May – They showed lots of friendship with reception children helping them out in their new class.





Courage this half term

This week, Ella, Dan, Tia and Jack have all shown courage in various situations.

Dan was brave when he split his eye , Jack and Ella showed courage and determination during  assessment week.  Tia was stung by nettles when she was on her trip however she was really brave and tried to forget about it and just enjoy the trip.


This week is courage and Callum from Year 1 and Emily in Year 5 have been recognised for showing our value this week. 


Courageous Compassion

 In Year 2 we chose  Jasmine for thinking of  others by being kind and wanting  others to be happy. Well Done Jasmine!

In Year 4 we chose Jack because Jack is always caring and considerate of others. He cheered his friend up when he was sad. Well Done Jack

In Year 6 we chose e Seren and Amber because when they were singing at other schools they helped other children get back to there class without being toldto. Well done Seren and Amber.

Compassion Champions

In Year 1 we chose  Lucia and Isabelle because Taya hurt her eye so they helped her.         Well done Lucia and Isabelle!

In Year 3 we chose George he always caring and helps others.Well done George!

In Year 5 we chose Summer because she always helps people choose books from the library. 

Well done Summer!