Sharing our Harvest

The message of Harvest Festival, is to be thankful for all that we have. This week, as last year, St Michael’s School will be holding ‘Bring a Can, Send a Cow’, to share our bounty with those that have less. This is an act of Friendship as well as Compassion.

In the ‘Feeding of the 5000’ Jesus performs a miracle which feeds a huge crowd of people with just five loaves and two fishes, and there was even some left after everyone had had their fill. Imagine how amazing it would be to do this today, and to end world poverty! Here is a short film that tells the story from the Bible; (Matt 14:13-21, Luke 9:10-17)

As a gesture to this end, on Thursday, children will be coming into school dressed as animals and wearing face paints. The Right’s Respecting group of children decided that this was a good way to have fun (UN Rights of the Child-Article 31-Play and have fun), as well as raise money for families here in Teignbridge and in Africa.

On Thursday, donations for the HITS Teignbridge Foodbank will be collected in school, and this list of possible donations has been emailed to all parents and carers:

There is also a just giving page for donations to Send a Cow, where you can donate and if you leave your name you stand the chance of winning a prize!

We all know that if we are acting out of love and compassion we not only feel good, we are being of help to others. Christians believe that these acts are what bring people closer to God.

This week’s Simply Worship focuses on Harvest and this time of year. You can see the material here;

Year 5 Friendship

This half term, we have been exploring our Christian worship value of Friendship, through assemblies and class reflection time. We have thought about what friendship means to us all and reflected on the times in our lives when we have experienced great friendship. 😊    

Take a Moment to Be Grateful

How often do you remember to tell your friend or family how important they are to you?

We all live such busy lives sometimes a simple’ thank you’ or ‘I love you’ can get lost in all the rush and bustle of the day.

At St Michael’s School we have built in a ‘Mind Up’ time, a moment to consider the WOW or OW of life, to breathe and take stock of where we are and how we feel. A moment for worship and reflection.

This week’s Friendship theme is about Naaman, a story from the Old Testament (2 Kings 5). He was a brave soldier , but despite his valour suffered from leprosy. The story tells of how he was cured by God, after bathing in the river, and of his gratefulness for being healed.

Here is a short film that retells the story;

In our Simply Worship class sessions this week, taking time out to reflect is the key theme.

See the material used in class here;

Problem? Solve it!

One of the things that is amazing about people, is the human ability to solve puzzles and problems. When problems arise in our lives, that we think we cannot solve, it is important to reach out for help. This help could come from a teacher, a parent or a friend. Christians believe that when they ask God to help, they will be heard and because God loves them He will do all He can to show them the solution.

The trick is to listen carefully. Sometimes the answers aren’t what we want to hear, or easy to do.

Sometimes the solution needs courage and other times requires patience and careful thought and planning. Sometimes it is good not to rush into something, and to think about it properly first.

This week’s Friendship theme focusses on the story of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus knew that He was being asked by God to sacrifice His life for the sake of all human beings, out of love and compassion and to free humans from sin. Jesus prayed to God, he knew that the answer wasn’t the easy solution, and that to die on the cross would be very hard. Sometimes, sharing your troubles can help it easier to accept. Here is the story.

This week’s Simply Worship takes the story of another person from the Old Testament, Nehemiah was faced with a huge task of a different sort. How best to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. This job needed some careful thought and planning, as well as loads of help from people he knew. Sometimes, having the help of friends can solve the problem.

You can find this week’s Simply Worship here.

Friendship in Year One

This half term we are thinking about the Christian value ‘Friendship.’ At playtimes we are trying our best to be a good friend to others. Today Lucas showed good friendship when his peer Jason was upset. He came to find an adult and helped cheer him up.

We watched a video about David and Saul and how they showed each other friendship. We talked about how we can show each other friendship in school through our actions towards each other.

We made a friendship web by calling our friends name and rolling the string to them. It shows how we are all connected as a class through our friendships.

A friendly welcome

The new school year has begun, and we welcome old friends and new. We have some new children beginning the school year of 2021-22, and some new members of staff. We hope that they all love being at St Michael’s, as much we do! Friends that we make during our school days can be friends for a lifetime.

This week we are focussing on stories of Friendship from the Bible.

Here is the story of David (who killed Goliath) and his best friend Jonathan (His father was King Saul).

Christians believe that Jesus shows people how to live a good life, and that his friendship with Zacchaeus is a great example to us all, showing how with love, people can change. During the life of Jesus, Romans ruled the lands and taxes were collected to pay for the Roman rule. No one likes to pay taxes, especially when times are hard and so when Jesus showed friendship towards one, people couldn’t believe that His love would help Zacchaeus change his selfish and greedy ways! But it did!

Here is this week’s Simply Worship material telling the story of Zacchaeus, for you to use at home.

A New School Year; Sowing the seeds of Friendship

True friendship needs care and attention for it to grow. Sometimes this means doing something difficult or perhaps even seemingly impossible.

During the lifetime of Jesus, the Bible tells us of the effort a group of friends put in, to help their friend who couldn’t walk. (Matthew 9:1-8, Mark 2:1-2)

You might want to watch this short BBC film of the miracle of when Jesus healed the lame man;

In order for people to want to be your friend, you might need to be understanding or a good listener, but generally you need to have the right attitude towards your friends.

This week’s class worship focuses on having the right attitude, and links to the idea of sowing the seeds of friendship with new classmates or a great learning relationship with new teachers. Having the right attitude and the right ambition is key.

Here is the Simply Worship material for you to look at.

Y3 RE Can I use art to show the meaning of the ‘Golden Rule’?

In the RE unit this term, children have found out that people in religious and non-religious communities all follow the idea that we should care for each other and the planet. This is known as the ‘Golden Rule’, which simply put is;”Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”this idea can be found in religious texts and non-religious codes. After looking at some other examples of art that show this rule, the children drew ideas in their sketch books, and in class today, have used water colours to create their final piece. They can use mixed mediums (felt pens of pencils) to complete the finer details , when the water colour has dried.If they want to, children can enter the National Association of RE Teachers’ (NATRE) ‘Spirited Arts 2-21’ Competition. A HPx5

Going for Goals

Success doesn’t always mean winning, sometimes it’s how you lose that makes you a successful role model.

Despite not winning, our England Team and their manager, have shown us all how to live. How to pick yourself up when things have gone badly, how to keep going in the face of criticism. We can all learn from these examples set by our young men and women in sports.

Life may not be easy but it can certainly be hugely fulfilling!

Jesus suffered greatly during His life and despite dying horribly on the cross, came back triumphant! He is a role model to all, Christians and others alike. How to show compassion and love to our fellow humans; love God and your neighbour. When Jesus said this, it made such an impression that it is repeated in three out of the four Gospels, and comes from the Old Testament teachings that Jesus and His disciples would have grown up learning as Jewish boys.

(See also Mark 12:30 and Matthew 22: 34-40)

At St. Michael’s School we teach about equality and the United Nations Rights of the Child (which applies to adults as well); that everyone has the right to be respected regardless of race, religion and abilities! It is part of our British Values ethos as well!

Coming from a place where we know we are loved and respected can make us resilient and confident, confident to have a go, no matter what. To try, try and try again, to persevere until we get there! That is why our school vision says; ‘Working Together, Growing Together, for All to Flourish’!

Simply Worship this week looks at achievements and setting goals. Read what we have been thinking about in school here; (We saved it from the Autumn to look at this term!)